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Senior Living / Assisted Living : WordPress Redesign and SEO

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New Brand and a New Website Equals Marketing Success!
The client had an old and tired brand that needed a fresh start.  We worked with their marketing agency to coach them through the process of designing a brand that would work well online and help them compete in the challenging senior living market.  We analyzed the competition, consulted with their photographer and copy writer, designed a fresh look for the site and used every SEO strategy to make this site organically rank well on Google.

After the first 90 days, we knew we had succeeded!  Their ROI was as follows:

  1. New website produced 225% more client form fills (leads) over an equal 90 period for their old site
  2. We increased visitor sessions by 77% and the number of pages viewed by each visitor increased by 28%
  3. Time on site increased by 25%
  4. New website achieved #3 organic ranking on Bing for their target keyword phrase
  5. Google organic ranking for their target keyword phrase was #10 – in line with large national competitors


Here’s their old brand/site…

Are you looking for a similar transformation for your business or organization?