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A Few Words on Web Marketing


3 Telling Stats on Healthcare Marketing ROI

By now, everyone has heard that digital marketing is key to the current and future success of virtually every healthcare organization. But where’s the data that says definitively, for example, which search terms you need to dominate as part of your coordinated SEO strategy? Or how to drive more conversions through your website; or which digital marketing functions really provide the most “bang for your buck?”

The ABC’s of Branding

What follows are some of the foremost challenges and “sticking points” we often see for companies while immersed in the branding/rebranding process. And while this in no way covers every consideration needed to develop an effective branding strategy, the “ABC” concept can nonetheless provide worthwhile direction, as well as impart simplicity when navigating inevitably complex branding initiatives.

E-Commerce Isn’t Easy: “Brick and Mortar’s” Edge vs. Digital-Only Brands

While it’s true that brick and mortar locations are closing at a record rate, and e-commerce sales are on the rise, industry insiders and even many who once predicted the death of brick and mortar now suggest that what’s really unfolding isn’t a death; it’s a transformation designed to promote physical retailers’ success and sustainability in the digital age.

Know the Facts about Marketing to Millennials

So what follows are some indisputable facts about millennials, and the beliefs and preferences that drive their unique consumption habits. Understanding this, it seems, will be key for digital marketers across every industry as they develop strategies and even transform their businesses. For history is happening today, and millennials are now poised to become the world’s most prominent spenders for many decades to come.