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A Few Words on Web Marketing


How to Become a Healthcare Industry Thought Leader

With uncommon knowledge and expertise in the most critical of all industries and fields of study—our health—physicians and healthcare practitioners, and industry executives, too, are more uniquely positioned to become thought leaders than many of them tend to believe. Ascending from practitioner/marketer to thought leader, however, requires some applied marketing knowledge and an effective content strategy, both of which we’ll profile in some detail here today.

Using Patient Personas for More Effective Healthcare Marketing

Patient personas, are being underutilized among healthcare marketers while many are still hard-pressed to fill content gaps, create and maintain a social media presence, and refine their (still new) digital marketing strategies. The creation and application of patient personas has become a central theme at healthcare industry conferences, and may very well be an important next step for practices, hospitals, and healthcare organizations looking to increase engagement and make more informed marketing decisions.

3 Ways to Maximize ROI with Paid Search Advertising

Paid search, however, has evolved into something of a digital science where a marketer’s success and ROI depends on how effectively they perform functions like keyword research, targeting and back-end execution, and testing, optimization, and day-to-day campaign management. Here’s how to master those functions and get the highest possible return from your paid search advertising dollars.

Using Internal Marketing to Deliver an Exemplary Patient Experience

From digital content and employee-focused newsletters, all the way to large-scale company retreats, internal marketing is a way to meaningfully appeal to your foremost brand ambassadors: Your employees. Here are several ways to leverage internal marketing activities to align your workforce and prepare each staff member to work diligently toward common goals like the delivery of an outstanding patient experience day in and day out.

Top Priorities for Patient-Centric Marketing

But today’s marketers are moving quickly away from the brand-centric approach, encouraged in large part by the Internet and technology, which have enabled marketers from every industry, including healthcare, to initiate and strengthen relationships with consumers based not on the brand’s “story,” but on its willingness to pay unique attention to each individual consumer’s specific needs.