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The AFS team has deep roots in Columbus, OH but we also have team members across the United States. Our lead consultant, Christina Blenk, will work with you to identify the best course of action and then will coordinate all services to reach your web marketing goals. In 25 years of experience, she has seen it all and has never backed down from a challenge. What’s your web marketing challenge? Let us know below:

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A Few Words on Web Marketing


The Art and Science of Lead Generation for B2B

Whether you are in healthcare marketing, or any business to business industry that needs sales leads, the process of lead generation can seem overwhelming. The good news is the cycle is basically the same, regardless of the industry you are in. But where do you start? Once you understand your customer’s journey, you can give prospects the tools they need to make better decisions—including a purchase from you.

Be Inspired: 3 Ways to Originate the Content Your Patients Want

Worthwhile content ideas aren’t as elusive as you may think! People naturally exhibit strong emotional attachments to their health, and in fact, the third most popular thing people do online is search for healthcare content that meets their unique needs. So in an environment where content lies at the center of any effective inbound marketing strategy, here are three methods for deriving your next great content ideas.

Two Truths and a Lie about Physicians and Social Media

Social media has been widely adopted across many industries as a vital component of any well-rounded digital marketing strategy, and physicians are rapidly joining the ranks. In fact, a recent study found that over 70% of primary care physicians and oncologists are now using social media to read and disseminate health information. 

Essential Features of Today’s Hospital Websites

The best modern-day hospital websites are not only marketing tools but also information sources and venerable gateways for patients and other visitors. That’s why hospital marketers are quickly moving away from the brand-centric approach, instead favoring website designs and structures that are all about providing the exact tools and information patients desire at exactly the right time.

The Three Cs of Physician Reputation Management

Physicians must not remain silent and on the sidelines when it comes to reputation management. With a non-complicated strategy and minimal tech savvy, they can make their presence count. Meaningful change and increased positive perception can be realized by making a trio of factors—which we hereby call the “Three Cs of Physician Reputation Management”—the focal points of your reputation management strategy. Here’s what those C’s stand for.